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    Rysia is extremely caring and is very aware of what’s going on in your body and is not just in this for the money. She has been doing this for so long and I feel very confident with her experience level. She guides you on what to eat and what to stay away from and can tell what you’ve been putting your body through without you even telling her! For me (and I assume most others) this is a process, not a one-time-only thing. Years of abuse of eating the wrong foods and not taking proper care of my body led to me needing quite a few colonics before I started feeling better. I knew this would be the case when I started going. I’m now starting to feel better and am glad a friend of mine recommended her to me.

    – Jacqueline L. Marina Del Rey, CA


    I know that the topic of colonics is probably really strange for most people and it definitely was for me before I started going to Rysia. I seriously cannot even begin to explain how amazing this process has been for me. I initially started toying with the idea of getting a colonic because I felt something wasn’t 100% right with my digestion and I had a feeling it was affecting my skin and my weight.

    After a few weeks of getting regular colonics, my skin has completely cleared up, I’ve lost 8 lbs. and I feel incredible. Seeing the amount of waste and old sludge that builds up in our colon was such an eye-opener. It doesn’t matter how clean you eat or how regular you think you are, colonics are a must!

    The whole session lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour and it’s a lot more relaxing than I initially thought. Once you get past the awkward part of it, it really is easy. There are some points during the treatment when you feel some pressure, but other than that there is really no pain involved.

    I also have to comment on Rysia– she is fantastic! She has been doing colonics for about 50 years and has an abundant wealth of knowledge and experience. I have learned to appreciate her perspective and insight and have found myself leaving there with far more than a clean colon.

    – Priscilla S. Santa Monica, CA


    Rysia truly does have “The Best Colonics” she helps you vision everything coming out, even things you never thought you would see! She is a miracle that God has sent to me. I suggest if your reading this that you let her work a miracle through you as well:)

    I have been seeing Rysia over the last several weeks. She has been amazing. She is extremely professional, highly skilled and very knowledgeable. In a month my stomach, which was swollen, distended and hard, is coming back to life. I have dropped 15 pounds of built up waste that was trapped in my colon and I feel great.

    If you want the absolute “Best” when it comes to your health, then go and see Rysia. It will change your life.

    – Shatoya M. Beverly Hills, CA


    You may not think you need Rysia but you do. That’s why she’s pretty much booked. Like many, I have periodically found myself annoyed by people who make the claim that something “changed my life.” Well, here I am, joining their ranks…

    If colonic service is what you need — and really I think anyone could benefit from it — you couldn’t do better than to see Rysia. You will learn a lot about your body and about the not-so-pretty things going on inside it. Then you’ll experience Rysia correcting and healing things that have been a long time in developing.

    If you’ve never had a colonic, it’s a surprisingly discreet and at times relaxing experience. You owe it to body, to your life. The effects of stress, diet and our own emotions make cleansing your colon via irrigation nearly essential. It’s like a great internal reset button on the road to better health.

    I am very fortunate to be receiving Rysia’s care.

    – Dezi K.


    I have had problems with my colon for decades due to multiple childbirths, eating habits, stress, and abusive relationships. I have been to the so-called ‘best of the best’ colon hydro-therapist in LA and Santa Barbara, and I had received ‘relief’. And one day out of desperation we looked for someone who can take me immediately, and it was Rysia. It was like coming home to mama’s house. She took me in immediately and with her intuition and her wisdom she discovered very dangerous things in my colon. She was able to reverse some serious damage to my colon, which had begun to affect my other organs. I was on my way to cancer and many other serious health conditions. I have been going for weeks, still cleaning and my body is regaining balance. She advised me on the type of diet that will help me heal faster and how to energetically connect with this important organ. I am recuperating, and healing…and I feel as though I am receiving a new body….and I have escaped an early death for sure based on the toxins I saw come out of my body. I thank her every day that she is on this planet, and I am so grateful to Rysia. She is truly the best, hands down.

    – Paula S. Glendale, CA


    Rysia is amazing. I doubt there is anyone better in the whole world. She has a wonderful spirit and you feel that as soon as you meet her. She genuinely cares about your health and well-being and will answer and explain any questions or concerns that you have. When you lay down she is able to tell you every symptom that you have before she asks you a single question. She is a medical genius and she will tell you what these symptoms will cause later in life if you do not do something to treat them. If you are serious about your health and the future of your health spending a single dollar here will not disappoint you. AMAZING.

    – Adrianna D. Venice, CA


    Wow, She is Truly a healer. I had been suffering from what I thought was IBS for 4 years. I tried a candida clean, I tried going gluten free, raw… nothing worked. Then I found Rysia. With in 3 sessions I have a regular digestive system! Truly something I was starting to believe was impossible. She is genteel and knows her stuff. Also recommended a wonderful enzyme tonic! I am a believer.

    – Amanda R. Los Angeles, CA


    Rysia is clearly a medical intuitive and noticed the parts of my body that were bloated from a clogged colon. After a session, I definitely felt a bit lighter in weight. There was a lot to clear. I am grateful for her warm and caring spirit. She is truly genuine and wants to help me improve my energy and decrease my weight.

    I am blessed I found her and will continue to clear my colon from the yucky toxins. Her method of explaining is simple and concise and she informs me ahead of time what she’s doing next.

    Thank you very much, Rysia. I know I am in good hands and highly recommend getting a colonic session with Rysia.

    – Cindy M. Los Angeles, CA


    Rysia is amazing! I have had colonics before at other places and none of them has ever come close to providing me with the results that Rysia has. She makes you feel very comfortable and educates you as to what is causing the problem without trying to sell you big packages that you do not need. After only two sessions with her I have increased energy, a flatter tummy and I even feel happier.

    Her place of business is immaculate and very calming and her energy is very soothing. I have already told my fiancé and several of my friends that Rysia has been a blessing to find and I have encouraged all of them to make appointments.

    As an added plus, parking is ample and free!

    I highly recommend Rysia’s services to anyone who is looking to have, literally, “The Best Colonic”.

    – Melissa M. Encino, CA


    I got a lot more than I was expecting from Rysia. She is psychic as well as a colonic expert and knew things about me right away and how they pertained to my illness. I lost two pounds after the first session. The second time I went she cured my heartburn- I’d suffered with it for 15 years!! Her wisdom is infinite. I’ve been to other colonic techs before but they didn’t have a fraction of the knowledge or expertise of Rysia.

    – Suzy M. Los Angeles, CA


    Rysia is exceptional. I have been to other colon therapists, Rysia is very different. While most are just machine operators (water-in-water-out), Rysia has immense knowledge of the digestive system and focuses on improving your health at a holistic level.

    I had high mercury level and very high level of triglycerides and cholesterol. I am glad to say she completely cured me in just 1 month of therapy and my MD took me off Lipitor.

    I still have Diabetes and I am confident being with her will eventually heal me too…

    – Pritam S. Reseda, CA


    Rysia is my angel. I have been going through some emotional stuff and the cleansing from the colonics and letting go of negativity (and just being in her calming presence) has been so therapeutic to my mind, heart, body and soul. I have been to several colon hydrotherapists in the Santa Monica area and she is BY FAR the best. She knows how to enter the body and as a result the waste exits quickly. She gets things moving, and fast. You won’t be taking a chance or wasting your money. I promise. She is an expert. Please do this for yourself if you are experiencing any discomfort, bloating or lethargy. I can’t explain to you how peaceful my body feels after a session. 🙂

    – Tanya B. Santa Monica, CA


    Rysia is very good at making you feel comfortable in what normally would be considered a compromising situation. It’s was my first time with a procedure like this, and I have to say that I’m really starting to see and feel a difference with my body and energy from her work on me. After the first visit I was felt better and now have become a true believer in all the benefits from the getting colonics to help in elimination, and detoxification process.

    – George S. Manhattan Beach, CA


    I had never had a colonic before last week but have been having stomach pain and bloating and decided to try it. I was very apprehensive but as soon as I was there, Rysia put me at ease. She has a very calming sense about her and is a complete professional. Just by seeing my skin, she knew what was wrong. She is a true healer.

    During the colonic she talked to me and put me at ease. She helped me breathe and told me about meditating. It is not just a colonic experience but also rather a natural, healing process. Rysia gave me the same calm feeling that I used to get from my grandmother, someone who has had years of experience yet is comforting and maternal.

    I was fearful of it being embarrassing, given the subject matter, but Rysia is so professional that it is like you are just talking about any other medical ailment. I highly recommend her.

    – Amanda M. Venice, CA


    Simply the Best Colonic! I am so fortunate to have found Rysia and her business in Santa Monica. She is a Miracle Healer and has me feeling better than ever! It is a clean, fresh, comfortable environment and I am extraordinarily grateful. She is very knowledgeable about her practice and has profound recommendations of ways you can achieve optimum health. I highly recommend making an appointment!!!

    – Grace P. San Francisco, CA


    I hadn’t seen Rysia in about 5 years since I moved to SF. She remembered me and instantly knew what parts of my body were pained when I first saw her again. I had just been through 3 days of stomach problems that had me laid up and within one visit she had my body smiling. It’s best to do a series of colonics with her and you’ll notice your body literally unbloating. I feel leaner, stand straighter and my skin has returned to breathing calmly. The office feels light and breezy and Rysia will put you at ease with the process especially if you are new the idea of colonics. I personally think it can change the course of your life. I can only recommend the experience.

    – Lewis F. Los Angeles, CA


    I have had other colonics before but this was amazing!! Rysia is the best! The business is located in a garden cottage spa atmosphere in the heart of Santa Monica. The environment is very warm and I immediately felt at home. Colon hydrotherapy (colonics), diet and exercise are a great weight loss strategy and Rysia came highly recommended by my acupuncture practitioner.
    Rysia has been practicing for over 40 years and she is well known by her celebrity clients. She is the “Queen” of colonics and now I know why!
    I feel great! I have lost 5 pounds after a few visits and I have so much energy! If you need a colonic see Rysia first! This is the best thing that you can do for your colon, mind and spirit.

    -Jenny S. Santa Monica, CA


    Rysia deserves 10 stars. I have been seeing her for about two weeks; I have lost the belly bloat, I have more energy and I just feel better all around. She really has a healing touch!

    – Cinamon R. Los Angeles, CA


    The Best Colonics is just that! I cam back from Iraq after spending 3 years of working 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week. I was over-worked, over-fed, and over-stressed. Within a couple of months of being back in Santa Monica having colonics I lost 17 lbs. and my complexion went from “gray” to healthy! I feel 10 years younger!

    – Richard W. Los Angeles, CA


    I have been seeing Rysia for a little over a month now and the results have been excellent. Before I started colonics, I was feeling down, heavy and lacked energy. In only a short time, things have improved dramatically. My husband and I were having trouble conceiving as well and Rysia and Dr. Camesa helped to unblock my energy that was causing the problem. I recently found out that I’m pregnant! I would definitely recommend Rysia’s program to anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

    – Vienna R. Los Angeles, CA


    If you are looking for the oracle of wisdom, information and expertise in colon hydrotherapy – Rysia is your woman. She’s been doing it for over 40 years so she really has seen and done it all.

    The whole idea of colon cleansing seems strange at first, but Rysia is very relaxed and explains everything step by step. If you are nervous about the comfort level — it’s about a 100 times easier than getting a Brazilian bikini wax.

    The results are life-altering– you’ll shed pounds of “junk” that you were otherwise just carrying around with you (!) and your sugar cravings will be eliminated along with assorted parasites and toxins — all the stuff that leads to toxicity, cancer, obesity, bloat etc. etc.

    A few sessions with Rysia and I feel like a new person — my skin is clear, my stomach is flat, lighter than air and full of energy! I recommend Rysia to everyone – especially first-timers who are curious about exploring colon hydrotherapy. Try it and you’ll become a believer — it should really be a regular part of everyone’s health maintenance regime.

    – Karin G. Los Angeles, CA